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Law ERA Ranking Journals

The ERA research rankings are based on research published throughout the world in ERA accepted journals. The Law research rankings involved an analysis of a range of journal publications to establish the performance level of each participating institution in this field.

List of Law Research ERA Ranking Journals:

ABA Journal: the lawyer’s magazine
AIAL Forum
AIPLA Quarterly Journal
ALI – ABA Business Law Course Materials Journal
ALI – ABA Estate Planning Course Materials Journal
ATA Journal of Legal Tax Research
Acta Juridica
Adelaide Law Review
Administrative Law Review
Advances In Dual Diagnosis: Policy Practice And Research In Mental Health And Substance Use
Advances in Taxation
Advocates’ Quarterly
African Human Rights Law Journal
African Journal of International and Comparative Law
African Journal of Legal Studies
Air Force Law Review
Air and Space Law
Akron Intellecutal Property Journal
Akron Law Review
Akron Tax Journal
Alabama Law Review
Alaska Law Review
Albany Government Law Review
Albany Law Journal of Science and Technology
Albany Law Review
Alberta Law Review
Alternative Law Journal?
American Bankruptcy Institute Law Review
American Bankruptcy Law Journal
American Business Law Journal
American Criminal Law Review
American Indian Law Review
American Journal of Comparative Law
American Journal of Criminal Law
American Journal of Family Law
American Journal of Forensic Psychiatry
American Journal of Forensic Psychology
American Journal of International Law
American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences
American Journal of Jurisprudence: an international forum for legal philosophy
American Journal of Law and Medicine
American Journal of Legal History
American Journal of Trial Advocacy
American Law and Economics Review
American Review of International Arbitration
American University International Law Review
American University Law Review
Amsterdam Law Forum
Animal Law
Annals of Air and Space Law
Annals of Health Law
Annuaire Francais de Droit International
Annuaire du droit de la mer
Annual Review of Banking and Financial Law
Annual Review of Genomics and Human Genetics
Annual Review of Law and Social Science
Annual Survey of Bankruptcy Law
Annual Survey of International and Comparative Law
Annual Survey of South African Law
Antitrust Bulletin
Antitrust Law Journal
Appalachian Journal of Law
Arab Law Quarterly
Arbitration International
Archiv des Oeffentlichen Rechts
Archiv fuer die Civilistische Praxis
Arizona Journal of International and Comparative Law
Arizona Law Review
Arizona State Law Journal
Arkansas Law Review
Art Antiquity and Law
Artificial Intelligence and Law
Asia Pacific Journal of Environmental Law
Asia Pacific Journal of Public Administration
Asia Pacific Journal of Taxation
Asia Pacific Journal on Human Rights and the Law
Asia Pacific Law Review
Asia and the Pacific Policy Studies
Asia-Pacific Tax Bulletin
Asian International Arbitration Journal
Asian Journal of Comparative Law
Asian Journal of International Law
Asian Journal of Law and Society
Asian Yearbook of International Law
Asian-Pacific Law and Policy Journal
Asper Review of International Business and Trade Law
Ateneo Law Journal
Auckland University Law Review
Australasian Dispute Resolution Journal
Australasian Journal of American Studies (AJAS)
Australasian Parliamentary Review
Australian Administrative Law
Australian Animal Protection Law Journal
Australian Banking and Finance Law Bulletin
Australian Bar Review
Australian Business Law Review
Australian Civil Liability
Australian GST Journal
Australian Indigenous Law Review
Australian Intellectual Property Journal
Australian International Law Journal
Australian Journal of Administrative Law
Australian Journal of Asian Law
Australian Journal of Competition and Consumer Law
Australian Journal of Corporate Law
Australian Journal of Family Law
Australian Journal of Gender and Law
Australian Journal of Human Rights
Australian Journal of Labour Law
Australian Journal of Legal Philosophy
Australian Journal of Maritime and Ocean Affairs
Australian Journal of Telecommunications and the Digital Economy
Australian Law Journal
Australian Law Librarian
Australian Property Law Journal
Australian Resources and Energy Law Journal
Australian Superannuation Law Bulletin
Australian Tax Forum: a journal of taxation policy law and reform
Australian Tax Law Bulletin
Australian Tax Review
Australian Year Book of International Law
Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology
Australian and New Zealand Maritime Law Journal
Australian and New Zealand Sports Law Journal
Austrian Review of International and European Law
Ave Maria Law Review
BYU Journal of Public Law
Banking Law Journal
Banking and Finance Law Review
Baurechtliche Blaetter
Baylor Law Review
Behavioral Sciences and the Law
Behemoth: a journal on civilisation
Beijing Law Review
Bergen Journal of Criminal Law and Criminal Justice
Berkeley Business Law Journal
Berkeley Journal of African-American Law and Policy
Berkeley Journal of Criminal Law
Berkeley Journal of Employment and Labor Law: a continuation of industrial relations law journal
Berkeley Journal of Gender Law and Justice
Berkeley Journal of International Law
Berkeley La Raza Law Journal
Berkeley Technology Law Journal
Bio-Science Law Review
Biotechnology Law Report
Bond Law Review
Boston College Environmental Affairs Law Review
Boston College International and Comparative Law Review
Boston College Law Review
Boston College Third World Law Journal
Boston University International Law Journal
Boston University Law Review
Bracton Law Journal
Brigham Young University Education and Law Journal
Brigham Young University Law Review
British Journal of American Legal Studies
British Journal of Community Justice
British Tax Review
British Year Book of International Law
Brooklyn Journal of International Law
Brooklyn Law Review
Buffalo Environmental Law Journal
Buffalo Human Rights Law Review
Buffalo Intellectual Property Law Journal
Buffalo Law Review
Buffalo Women’s Law Journal
Building and Construction Law Journal
Bulletin for International Taxation
Business Law International
Business Law Review
Business Law Today
Business Lawyer
Cahiers de Droit Europeen
California Law Review
California Western International Law Journal
California Western Law Review
Cambrian Law Review
Cambridge Journal of International and Comparative Law
Cambridge Law Journal
Campbell Law Review
Canada – United States Law Journal
Canadian Bar Review
Canadian Business Law Journal
Canadian Criminal Law Review
Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice
Canadian Journal of Family Law
Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence: an international journal of legal thought
Canadian Journal of Law and Society
Canadian Journal of Law and Technology
Canadian Journal of Women and the Law
Canadian Labour and Employment Law Journal
Canadian Law Library Review
Canadian Society of Forensic Science journal
Canadian Tax Journal
Canadian Yearbook of International Law
Canberra Law Review
Canterbury Law Review
Capital Markets Law Journal
Capital University Law Review
Carbon Management
Cardozo Arts and Entertainment Law Journal
Cardozo Journal of International and Comparative Law
Cardozo Journal of Law and Gender
Cardozo Law Review
Cardozo Public Law Policy and Ethics Journal
Caribbean Law Review
Case Western Reserve Journal of International Law
Case Western Reserve Law Review
Catholic University Law Review
Cato Supreme Court Review
Charity Law and Practice Review
Charleston Law Review
Chicago – Kent Law Review
Chicago Journal of International Law
Chicago-Kent Journal of International and Comparative Law
Chicano/Latino Law Review
Child Welfare: journal of policy practice and program
Child and Family Law Quarterly
Child and Family Social Work
Children’s Legal Rights Journal
China Journal of Accounting Research
Chinese Journal of International Law
City University of Hong Kong Law Review
Civil Justice Quarterly
Clearinghouse Review
Cleveland State Law Review
Climate Law
Climate Policy
Climate and Carbon Law Review
Clinical Law Review: a journal of lawyering and legal education
Colorado Journal of International Environmental Law and Policy
Columbia Business Law Review
Columbia Human Rights Law Review
Columbia Journal of Asian Law
Columbia Journal of East European Law
Columbia Journal of Environmental Law
Columbia Journal of Gender and Law
Columbia Journal of Law and Social Problems
Columbia Journal of Law and the Arts
Columbia Journal of Transnational Law
Columbia Law Review
Columbia Science and Technology Law Review
CommLaw Conspectus: Journal of Communications Law and Policy
Commercial Law Journal
Commercial Law Quarterly
Common Law World Review
Common Market Law Review
Commonwealth Law Bulletin
Communication Law and Policy
Communications Law
Communities Children and Families Australia
Company and Securities Law Journal
Comparative Labor Law and Policy Journal
Comparative Legal History
Comparative and International Law Journal of Southern Africa
Competition Law Journal
Competition and Consumer Law Journal
Computer Law and Security Review: the International Journal of Technology Law and Practice
Computer and Telecommunications Law Review
Computer law Review International : CRi
Connecticut Insurance Law Journal
Connecticut Journal of International Law
Connecticut Law Review
Constitutional Commentary
Constitutional Court Review
Constitutional Law and Policy Review
Construction Law International
Construction Law Journal
Consumer Finance Law Quarterly Report
Contemporary Asia Arbitration Journal
Contemporary Issues in Law
Contemporary Readings in Law and Social Justice
Cornell International Law Journal
Cornell Journal of Law and Public Policy
Cornell Law Review
Corporate Governance International
Corporate Governance eJournal
Corporate Taxation
Court Review: The Journal of the American Judges Association
Court of Conscience
Creighton Law Review
Crime Law and Social Change: an interdisciplinary journal
Crime and Delinquency
Criminal Justice (Chicago 1986)
Criminal Justice Ethics
Criminal Justice Policy Review
Criminal Justice Review
Criminal Justice and Behavior
Criminal Law Bulletin
Criminal Law Forum: official journal of the Society for the Reform of Criminal Law
Criminal Law Journal
Criminal Law Quarterly
Criminal Law Review
Criminal Law and Philosophy
Criminology Criminal Justice Law and Society
Criminology and Criminal Justice
Critical Analysis of Law
Critical Criminology
Cumberland Law Review
Current Anthropology
Current Issues in Criminal Justice
Current Legal Problems
Currents: International Trade Law Journal
Curtin Law and Taxation Review
Dalhousie Journal of Legal Studies
Dalhousie Law Journal
DePaul Business and Commercial Law Journal
DePaul Journal of Art and Entertainment Law
DePaul Journal of Health Care Law
DePaul Law Review
Deakin Law Review
Defense Counsel Journal
Delaware Journal of Corporate Law
Delaware Law Review
Denning Law Journal
Denver Journal of International Law and Policy
Denver University Law Review
Digital Evidence and Electronic Signature Law Review
Diritto Marittimo: rivista trimestrale di dottrina giurisprudenza legislazione italiana e straniera
Diritto Pubblico Comparato Ed Europeo
Dispute Resolution International
Drake Journal of Agricultural Law
Drake Law Review
Dublin University Law Journal
Duke Environmental Law and Policy Forum
Duke Journal of Comparative and International Law
Duke Journal of Constitutional Law and Public Policy
Duke Journal of Gender Law and Policy
Duke Law Journal
Duquesne Business Law Journal
Duquesne Law Review
EC Tax Review
ECLR: European Competition Law Review
ELSA Selected Papers on European Law
East West Review of Labor Law and Social Policy
Ecclesiastical Law Journal
Ecology Law Quarterly
Economia e Diritto Agroalimentare
Edinburgh Law Review: an international forum for the discussion of law
Education Law Journal
Education and Law Journal
Education and the Law
Elder Law Review
Election Law Journal
Electronic Government: an international journal
Electronic Journal of Comparative Law
Electronic supplement to the Russian Juridical Journal
Elon Law Review
Emory International Law Review
Emory Law Journal
Employee Relations Law Journal
Employee Rights and Employment Policy Journal
Employment Law Bulletin
Energy Law Journal
Entertainment Law Review (UK)
Entertainment Law Review (US)
Entertainment and Sports Lawyer
Entreprenurial Business Law Journal
Environmental Claims Journal
Environmental Law Reporter: news and analysis
Environmental Law Review
Environmental Law and Management
Environmental Liability
Environmental Policy and Law
Environmental and Energy Law and Policy Journal
Environmental and Planning Law Journal
Environs (Davis): environmental law and policy journal
Erasmus Law Review
Erasmus Law and Economics Review
Estate Planning (New York 1973)
Ethics Medicine and Public Health
European Business Law Review
European Business Organization Law Review
European Company Law
European Company and Financial Law Review
European Competition Journal
European Constitutional Law Review
European Energy and Environmental Law Review
European Human Rights Law Review
European Intellectual Property Review
European Journal of Criminology
European Journal of Current Legal Issues
European Journal of Health Law
European Journal of Industrial Relations
European Journal of International law
European Journal of Law Reform
European Journal of Law and Economics
European Journal of Law and Technology
European Journal of Legal Studies
European Journal of Migration and Law
European Journal of Risk Regulation
European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research
European Law Journal
European Law Review
European Property Law Journal
European Public Law
European Review of Contract Law
European Review of Private Law
European Taxation
FDCC Quarterly
Family Advocate
Family Court Review: an interdisciplinary journal
Family Law Quarterly
Family Law Review
Family Law Review (New York State Bar Association)
Farm Policy Journal
Federal Circuit Bar Journal
Federal Communications Law Journal
Federal Courts Law Review
Federal Law Review
Federal Probation: a journal of correctional philosophy and practice
Federal Sentencing Reporter
Feminist Legal Studies
Feminist Review
Feminists at Law
Flinders Law Journal
Florida A and M University Law Review
Florida Coastal Law Journal
Florida Journal of International Law
Florida Law Review
Florida State University Law Review
For the Defense
Fordham Environmental Law Review
Fordham Intellectual Property Media and Entertainment Law Journal
Fordham International Law Journal
Fordham Journal of Corporate and Financial Law
Fordham Law Review
Fordham Urban Law Journal
Forensic Science Policy and Management
Franchise Law Journal
Frontiers in Genetics
Frontiers of Law in China: selected publications from chinese Universities
Frontiers of Legal Research
Fundamina: A Journal of Legal History
Gaming Law Review and Economics
George Mason Law Review
George Mason University Civil Rights Law Journal
George Washington International Law Review
George Washington Law Review
Georgetown Immigration Law Journal
Georgetown International Environmental Law Review
Georgetown Journal of International Affairs
Georgetown Journal of International Law
Georgetown Journal of Law and Public Policy
Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics
Georgetown Journal on Poverty Law and Policy
Georgetown Law Journal
Georgia Journal of International and Comparative Law
Georgia Law Review
Georgia State University Law Review
German Law Journal
German Yearbook of International Law
Gewerblicher Rechtsschutz und Urheberrecht
Global Constitutionalism
Global Journal of Comparative Law
Global Jurist
Global Policy
Global Responsibility to Protect
Goettingen Journal of International Law
Golden Gate University Law Review
Gonzaga Journal of International Law
Gonzaga Law Review
Griffith Journal of Law and Human Dignity
Griffith Law Review
Hamline Journal of Public Law and Policy
Hamline Law Review
Harvard Business Law Review
Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review
Harvard Environmental Law Review
Harvard Human Rights Journal
Harvard International Law Journal
Harvard Journal of Law and Gender
Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy
Harvard Journal of Law and Technology
Harvard Journal on Legislation
Harvard Journal on Racial and Ethnic Justice
Harvard Latino Law Review
Harvard Law Review
Harvard Law and Policy Review
Harvard Negotiation Law Review
Hastings Business Law Journal
Hastings Communications and Entertainment Law Journal
Hastings Constitutional Law Quarterly
Hastings International and Comparative Law Review
Hastings Law Journal
Hastings Race and Poverty Law Journal
Hastings West-Northwest Journal of Environmental Law and Policy
Hastings Women’s Law Journal
Health Economics Policy and Law
Health Law Journal (Canada)
Health Law Journal (US)
Health Law Review
Health Matrix: Journal of Law-Medicine
Health and Human Rights: an international journal
Hibernian Law Journal
Hofstra Labor and Employment Law Journal
Hofstra Law Review
Hokkaido Journal of New Global Law and Policy
Homicide Studies: an interdisciplinary and international journal
Hong Kong Law Journal
Houston Business and Tax Law Journal
Houston Journal of Health Law and Policy
Houston Journal of International Law
Houston Law Review
Howard Law Journal
Howard Scroll: The Social Justice Law Review
Human Rights Brief
Human Rights Law Journal
Human Rights Law Review
Human Rights Quarterly: a comparative and international journal of the social sciences humanities and law
Human Rights and International Legal Discourse
Humanitas Journal of European Studies
IALS Student Law Review
ICSID Review: foreign investment law journal
IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems
IIC International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition Law
ILI Law Review
ILSA Journal of International and Comparative Law
INSAF: Malaysian Bar Journal
IP Rax-de International Private Practice and Procedural Law
IUCN Academy of Environmental Law eJournal
Idaho Law Review
Idea (Concord): the intellectual property law review
Immigration and Nationality Law Review
Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal
Indian Journal of Constitutional Law
Indian Journal of International Economic Law
Indian Journal of International Law
Indiana Health Law Review
Indiana International and Comparative Law Review
Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies
Indiana Law Journal
Indiana Law Review
Indigenous Law Bulletin
Indigenous Law Journal
Indonesia Law Review
Industrial Law Journal
Industrial Relations: a journal of economy and society
Information and Communications Technology Law
Insolvency Law Bulletin
Insolvency Law Journal
Insurance Law Journal
Insurance and Reinsurance Law Briefing
Intellectual Property Forum
Intellectual Property Journal
Intellectual Property Law Bulletin
Intellectual Property Quarterly
Inter-American Law Review
Intercultural Human Rights Law Review
International Arbitration Law Review
International Commentary on Evidence
International Community Law Review
International Company and Commercial Law Review
International Comparative Jurisprudence
International Construction Law Review
International Criminal Justice Review
International Criminal Law Review
International Data Privacy Law
International Environmental Agreements: Politics Law and Economics
International Feminist Journal of Politics
International Insolvency Review: journal of the international association of insolvency professionals
International Journal For Crime Justice and Social Democracy
International Journal for Court Administration
International Journal for Education Law and Policy
International Journal for the Semiotics of Law
International Journal of Clinical Legal Education
International Journal of Communications Law and Policy
International Journal of Conflict Management
International Journal of Constitutional Law
International Journal of Corporate Governance
International Journal of Criminal Justice Sciences
International Journal of Cultural Property
International Journal of Cyber Criminology
International Journal of Disaster Risk Science
International Journal of Disclosure and Governance
International Journal of Discrimination and the Law
International Journal of Evidence and Proof
International Journal of Forensic Mental Health
International Journal of Forensic Psychology
International Journal of Innovation in Education
International Journal of Intellectual Property Management
International Journal of Law Crime and Justice
International Journal of Law Policy and the Family
International Journal of Law and Information Technology
International Journal of Law and Psychiatry
International Journal of Legal Information
International Journal of Liability and Scientific Enquiry
International Journal of Management and Administrative Sciences
International Journal of Marine and Coastal Law
International Journal of Migration and Border Studies
International Journal of Nuclear Law
International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology
International Journal of Private Law
International Journal of Public Law and Policy
International Journal of Refugee Law
International Journal of Rural Law and Policy
International Journal of Social Quality
International Journal of Social Security and Workers Compensation
International Journal of Speech Language and the Law
International Journal of Technology Policy and Law
International Journal of Transitional Justice
International Journal of the Legal Profession
International Journal on Minority and Group Rights
International Labmate
International Labor Rights Case Law
International Labour Review
International Law Research
International Law Studies
International Law and Policy Review
International Lawyer
International Negotiation: A Journal of Theory and Practice
International Organizations Law Review
International Peacekeeping
International Review Of Law
International Review of Financial Analysis
International Review of Law Computers and Technology
International Review of Law and Economics
International Review of the Red Cross
International Tax Journal
International Trade Law and Regulation
International Trade and Business Law Review
International VAT Monitor
International and Comparative Corporate Law Journal
International and Comparative Law Quarterly
International and Comparative Law Review
Internationales Handelsrecht
Intertax: international tax review
Iowa Law Review
Irish Journal of European Law
Irish Journal of Family Law
Irish Jurist
Irish Planning and Environmental Law
Islamic Law and Society
Israel Defense Forces Law Review
Israel Law Review
Israel Yearbook of Human Rights
Issues in Law and Medicine
Italian Yearbook of International Law Online
Ius et Lex
James Cook University Law Review
Jersey and Guernsey Law Review
John Marshall Journal of Computer and Information Law
John Marshall Law Review
John Marshall Review of Intellectual Property Law
Journal for European Environmental and Planning Law
Journal for Juridical Science
Journal of African Law
Journal of Air Law and Commerce
Journal of Antitrust Enforcement
Journal of Appellate Practice and Process
Journal of Australian Taxation
Journal of Banking Regulation
Journal of Banking and Finance: Law and Practice
Journal of Bioethical Inquiry
Journal of Business Law
Journal of Business and Intellectual Property Law
Journal of Catholic Legal Studies
Journal of Chinese Tax and Policy
Journal of Church and State
Journal of Civil Litigation and Practice
Journal of College and University Law
Journal of Common Market Studies
Journal of Commonwealth Criminal Law
Journal of Commonwealth Law and Legal Education
Journal of Comparative Law
Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis: research and practice
Journal of Competition Law and Economics
Journal of Conflict and Security Law
Journal of Constitutional History
Journal of Constitutional Law in Eastern and Central Europe
Journal of Consumer Policy: consumer issues in law economics and behavioral sciences
Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice
Journal of Contemporary Health Law and Policy
Journal of Contemporary Legal Issues
Journal of Contract Law
Journal of Corporate Law Studies
Journal of Corporation Law
Journal of Criminal Law
Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology
Journal of Criminological Research Policy and Practice
Journal of Digital Forensics Security and Law
Journal of Diplomacy and Foreign Relations
Journal of Dispute Resolution
Journal of East Asia and International Law
Journal of Empirical Legal Studies
Journal of Energy and Development
Journal of Energy and Natural Resources Law
Journal of Environmental Law
Journal of Environmental Law and Litigation
Journal of Environmental Law and Practice
Journal of Equity
Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy: online peer-reviewed journal of moral political and legal philosophy
Journal of Ethnicity in Criminal Justice
Journal of European Tort Law
Journal of Financial Regulation
Journal of Food Law and Policy
Journal of Forensic Document Examination
Journal of Forensic Economics
Journal of Forensic Identification
Journal of Gender Race and Justice
Journal of Geography and Natural Disasters
Journal of Hate Studies
Journal of Health Care Law and Policy
Journal of Health Politics Policy and Law
Journal of Health and Biomedical Law
Journal of Health and Life Sciences Law
Journal of High Technology Law
Journal of Human Rights
Journal of Human Rights Practice
Journal of Human Rights and the Environment
Journal of Industrial Relations
Journal of Information Law and Technology
Journal of Information Policy
Journal of Integrated Disaster Risk Management
Journal of Intellectual Property
Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice
Journal of International Arbitration
Journal of International Banking Law and Regulation
Journal of International Biotechnology Law
Journal of International Commercial Law
Journal of International Commercial Law and Technology
Journal of International Criminal Justice
Journal of International Dispute Settlement
Journal of International Economic Law
Journal of International Humanitarian Legal Studies
Journal of International Law and International Relations
Journal of International Media and Entertainment Law
Journal of International Peacekeeping
Journal of International Trade Law and Policy
Journal of International Wildlife Law and Policy
Journal of Islamic Law and Culture
Journal of Islamic State Practices in International Law
Journal of Judicial Administration
Journal of Korean Law
Journal of Land Use and Environmental Law
Journal of Law Economics and Organization
Journal of Law Philosophy and Culture
Journal of Law Religion and State
Journal of Law Society and Development
Journal of Law and Commerce
Journal of Law and Education
Journal of Law and Family Studies
Journal of Law and Financial Management
Journal of Law and Health
Journal of Law and Policy
Journal of Law and Politics (Japan)
Journal of Law and Politics (USA)
Journal of Law and Public Policy
Journal of Law and Religion
Journal of Law and Social Challenges
Journal of Law and Social Policy
Journal of Law and Society
Journal of Law and the Biosciences
Journal of Legal Affairs and Dispute Resolution in Engineering and Construction
Journal of Legal Aspects of Sport
Journal of Legal Economics
Journal of Legal Education
Journal of Legal History
Journal of Legal Philosophy
Journal of Legal Pluralism and Unofficial Law
Journal of Legal Studies Education
Journal of Legal Studies in Business (Athens)
Journal of Legal Technology Risk Management
Journal of Legislation
Journal of Malaysian and Comparative Law
Journal of Maritime Law and Commerce
Journal of Medical Ethics
Journal of Medicine and Law
Journal of Money Laundering Control
Journal of National Security Law and Policy
Journal of Natural Resources and Environmental Law
Journal of Open Access to Law
Journal of Philosophy of International Law
Journal of Planning and Environment Law
Journal of Policing Intelligence and Counter Terrorism
Journal of Political Philosophy
Journal of Political Science and Law
Journal of Politics and Law
Journal of Private International Law
Journal of Psychiatry and Law
Journal of Social Security Law
Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law
Journal of South Pacific Law
Journal of Space Law
Journal of Sports Law and Contemporary Problems
Journal of State Taxation
Journal of Strategic Contracting and Negotiation
Journal of Supreme Court History
Journal of Taxation of Investments
Journal of Taxation: a national journal of current developments analysis and commentary for tax professionals
Journal of Technology Law and Policy
Journal of Tort Law
Journal of Transnational Law and Policy
Journal of Transportation Law Logistics and Policy
Journal of Victimology
Journal of Workplace Rights
Journal of World Energy Law and Business
Journal of World Investment and Trade
Journal of World Trade
Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law
Journal of the Association of Legal Writing Directors
Journal of the Australasian Tax Teachers Association
Journal of the Center for Families Children and the Courts
Journal of the History of International Law
Journal of the Institute of Justice and International Studies
Journal of the National Association of Administrative Law Judiciary
Journal of the Patent and Trademark Office Society
Journal of the Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation
Journal of the Savigny Foundation for Legal History
Journal on Telecommunications and High Technology Law
Journal on the Use of Force and International Law
Judicature: journal of the American Judicature Society
Judicial Officers’ Bulletin
Juridical Review: law journal of Scottish universities
Jurimetrics: journal of law science and technology
Jurisprudence: an international journal of legal and political thought
Jurist: Studies in Church Law and Ministry
Juristische Blaetter: mit Beilage Wirtschaftsrechtliche Blaetter: Wbl
Jurists Review
Just Policy: a journal of Australian social policy
Justice Quarterly
Justice System Journal
Juvenile and Family Court Journal
Kansas Journal of Law and Public Policy
Keeping Good Companies
Kentucky Law Journal
King’s Law Journal
Korean Journal of International and Comparative Law
Land Rights Laws: Issues of Native Title
Lavoro e Diritto
Law Crime and History: deviance and the law in historical perspectivE
Law Culture and the Humanities
Law Environment and Development Journal
Law Innovation and Technology
Law Institute Journal
Law Library Journal
Law Probability and Risk: a journal of reasoning under uncertainty
Law Quarterly
Law Social Justice and Global Development
Law Society Journal
Law Text Culture
Law and Business Review of the Americas
Law and Contemporary Problems
Law and Critique: journal of critical legal studies
Law and Financial Markets Review
Law and History
Law and History Review
Law and Human Behavior
Law and Human Genome Review
Law and Humanities
Law and Inequality: a journal of theory and practice
Law and Literature
Law and Method in Research and Education
Law and Philosophy: an international journal for jurisprudence and legal philosophy
Law and Policy
Law and Psychology Review
Law and Sexuality: a review of lesbian gay bisexual and transgender legal issues
Law and Social Inquiry
Law and Society Journal at the University of California Santa Barbara
Law and Society Review
Law in Context
Legal Education Review
Legal Ethics
Legal History
Legal Information Management
Legal Issues in Business
Legal Issues of Economic Integration
Legal Reference Services Quarterly
Legal Studies
Legal Studies Forum: an interdisciplinary journal
Legal Theory
Legal and Criminological Psychology
Legisprudence:International Journal for the Study of Legislation
Leiden Journal of International Law
Les Cahiers de Droit: consultation du dernier numero
Lesotho Law Journal: a journal of law and development
Lewis and Clark Law Review
Liberty University Law Review
Lincoln Law Review
Liverpool Law Review: a journal of contemporary legal issues
Lloyd’s Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly
Local Government Law Journal
London Review of International Law
Louisiana Law Review: promoting legal scholarship in the community
Loyola Consumer Law Review
Loyola Journal of Public Interest Law
Loyola Law Review
Loyola Law and Technology Annual
Loyola Maritime Law Journal
Loyola University Chicago Law Journal
Loyola of Los Angeles Entertainment Law Review
Loyola of Los Angeles International and Comparative Law Review
Loyola of Los Angeles Law Review
Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative Law
Macquarie Journal of Business Law
Macquarie Journal of International and Comparative Environmental Law
Macquarie Law Journal
Maine Law Review
Manchester Journal of International Economic Law
Manitoba Law Journal
Marine Policy
Marquette Elder’s Advisor
Marquette Intellectual Property Law Review
Marquette Law Review
Marquette Sports Law Review
Maryland Law Review
Masaryk University Journal of Law and Technology
McGeorge Law Review
McGill Journal of Law and Health (MJLH)
McGill Law Journal
Mcgill International Journal of Sustainable Development Law and Policy
Media and Arts Law Review
Medical Law International
Medical Law Review
Medical Trial Technique Quarterly
Medicine Science and the Law
Medicine and Law: an international journal
Melbourne Journal of International Law
Melbourne University Law Review
Mercer Law Review
Michigan Journal of Gender and Law
Michigan Journal of International Law
Michigan Journal of Race and Law
Michigan Law Review
Michigan State Journal of International Law
Michigan State Law Review
Michigan Telecommunications and Technology Law Review
Middle East Law and Governance
Migration Australia
Migration Studies
Military Law Review
Military Law and the Law of War Review
Minnesota Journal of International Law
Minnesota Journal of Law Science and Technology
Minnesota Law Review
Mississippi College Law Review
Mississippi Law Journal
Missouri Environmental Law and Policy Review
Missouri Law Review
Monash University Law Review
Montana Law Review
Murdoch University Law Review
Muslim World Journal of Human Rights
Mustang Journal of Law and Legal Studies
NYU Journal of Law and Business
NYU Journal of Law and Liberty
Nanjing University Law Review
National Black Law Journal
National Journal of Constitutional Law
National Law Review
National Tax Journal
Naval Law Review
Nebraska Law Review
Negotiation Journal: on the process of dispute settlement
Negotiation and Conflict Management Research
Netherlands International Law Review
Netherlands Quarterly of Human Rights
Netherlands Yearbook of International Law
Neue Juristische Wochenschrift
Nevada Law Journal
New Criminal Law Review: an international and interdisciplinary journal
New England Journal of International and Comparative Law
New England Journal on Criminal and Civil Confinement
New England Law Review
New Labor Forum
New Law Journal
New Mexico Law Review
New York Law School Law Review
New York University Annual Institute on Federal Taxation
New York University Annual Survey of American Law
New York University Environmental Law Journal
New York University Journal of International Law and Politics
New York University Journal of Legislation and Public Policy
New York University Law Review (New York 1950)
New Zealand Armed Forces Law Review
New Zealand Business Law Quarterly
New Zealand Family Law Journal
New Zealand Intellectual Property Journal
New Zealand Journal of Environmental Law
New Zealand Journal of Public and International Law
New Zealand Journal of Taxation Law and Policy
New Zealand Law Journal
New Zealand Law Review
New Zealand Universities Law Review
New Zealand Yearbook of International Law
Newcastle Law Review
Nexus (Orange): a journal of opinion
Ngiya: Talk the Law
Nordic Journal of Commercial Law
Nordic Journal of Human Rights
Nordic Journal of International Law
North Carolina Central Law Journal
North Carolina Journal of International Law and Commercial Regulation
North Carolina Journal of Law and Technology
North Carolina Law Review
North Dakota Law Review
Northern Illinois University Law Review
Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly
Northern Kentucky Law Review
Northwestern Journal of International Human Rights
Northwestern Journal of International Law and Business
Northwestern Journal of Law and Social Policy
Northwestern Journal of Technology and Intellectual Property
Northwestern University Law Review
Norton Journal of Bankruptcy Law and Practice
Notre Dame Journal of Law Ethics and Public Policy
Notre Dame Law Review
Nottingham Insolvency and Business Law e-Journal
Nottingham Law Journal
Nova Law Review
Ocean Development and International Law
Ocean Yearbook
Ocean and Coastal Law Journal: legal and policy journal on US Ocean and coastal law
Ohio Northern University Law Review
Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law
Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution
Ohio State Law Journal
Oil Gas and Energy Law
Oil Gas and Energy Quarterly
Oklahoma City University Law Review
Oklahoma Law Review
Onati Socio-Legal Series
Oregon Law Review
Oregon Review of International Law
Original Law Review
Osaka University Law Review
Osgoode Hall Law Journal
Otago Law Review
Ottawa Law Review
Owen Dixon Society eJournal
Oxford Journal of Law and Religion
Oxford Journal of Legal Studies
Oxford University Commonwealth Law Journal
Oxford University Comparative Law Forum
Pace Environmental Law Review
Pace International Law Review
Pace Law Review
Pacific McGeorge Global Business and Development Law Journal
Pacific Rim Law and Policy Journal
Pandora’s Box
Parliamentary Affairs
Penn State Environmental Law Review
Penn State International Law Review
Penn State Law Review
People Place and Policy Online
Pepperdine Dispute Resolution Law Journal
Pepperdine Law Review
Philippine Law Journal
Pierce Law Review
Pittsburgh Tax Review
Planning and Environmental Law
Police Quarterly
Policy and Practice in Health and Safety
Policy: A journal of public policy and ideas
Polish Yearbook of International Law
Political and Legal Anthropology Review
Politics (Oxford): cutting edge political science in short-article format
Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal
Pro Minoritate
Proceedings of the institution of Civil Engineers: Management Procurement and Law
Prometheus: critical studies in innovation
Property Law Review
Psychiatry Psychology and Law
Psychological Injury And Law
Psychology Crime and Law
Psychology Public Policy and Law
Public Contract Law Journal
Public Health Law and Policy Journal
Public Integrity
Public Interest Law Journal
Public Land and Resources Law Review
Public Law Review
Public Law: the constitutional and administrative law of the commonwealth
Public Procurement Law Review
Public Space: the Journal of Law and Social Justice
Punishment and Society: the international journal of penology
QUT Law Review
Queen Mary Journal of Intellectual Property
Queen’s Law Journal
Queensland Lawyer
Quinnipiac Law Review
Quinnipiac Probate Law Journal
Race and Class: a journal of racism empire and globalisation
Ratio Juris: an international journal of jurisprudence and philosophy law
Razprave in Gradivo: revija za narodnostna vprasanja
Real Estate Law Journal
Real Estate Taxation
Real Property Trust and Estate Law Journal
Reforma y Democracia
Refugee Survey Quarterly
Regent Journal of International Law: a forum for a judeo-christian perspective on international law
Regent University Law Review
Regulation and Governance
Religion and Human Rights: an international journal
Renewable Energy Law and Policy Review
Res Publica
Restitution Law Review
Restorative Justice
Revenue Law Journal
Review of Central and East European Law
Review of Constitutional Studies
Review of European Comparative and International Environmental Law
Review of Law and Economics
Review of Law and Social Change
Revista Juridica de la Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico
Revista Juridica de la Universidad de Puerto Rico
Revista de Derecho Puertorriqueno
Revista del Colegio de Abogados de Puerto Rico
Revista del Instituto Colombiano de Derecho Procesal
Revue Belge de Droit International
Revue Generale de Droit International Public: droit des gens histoire diplomatique droit penal droit fiscal droit administratif
Revue Internationale de Droit Economique: lieu de rencontre international entre juristes et economistes
Revue Internationale du Droit d’Auteur
Revue Quebecoise de Droit International
Revue de Droit Compare du Travail et de la Securite Sociale
Revue juridique polyne?sienne
Richmond Journal of Global Law and Business
Roger Williams University Law Review
Roman Legal Tradition: a journal of ancient medieval and modern civil law
Rutgers Computer and Technology Law Journal
Rutgers Journal of Law and Public Policy
Rutgers Law Journal
Rutgers Law Review
Rutgers Race and the Law Review
SADC Law Journal
Saint Louis University Law Journal
Salus Journal
San Diego International Law Journal
San Diego Law Review
San Joaquin Agricultural Law Review
Santa Clara Computer and High Technology Law Journal
Santa Clara Journal of International Law
Santa Clara Law Review
Saskatchewan Law Review
Science and Public Policy
Scribes Journal of Legal Writing
Seattle Journal for Social Justice
Seattle University Law Review
Security Dialogues
Seton Hall Journal of Sports and Entertainment Law
Seton Hall Law Review
Seton Hall Legislative Journal
Sexualis Lex
Shidler Journal of Law Commerce and Technology
Singapore Academy of Law Annual Review of Singapore Cases
Singapore Academy of Law Journal
Singapore Journal of Legal Studies
Singapore Law Review
Singapore Year Book of International Law
Social and Legal Studies: an international journal
South African Journal of Bioethics and Law
South African Journal of Environmental Law and Policy
South African Journal on Human Rights
South African Law Journal
South African Mercantile Law Journal
South African Yearbook of International Law
South Carolina Journal of International Law and Business
South Carolina Law Review
South Dakota Law Review
South Texas Law Review
Southeastern Environmental Law Journal
Southeastern Europe
Southern African Public Law
Southern California Interdisciplinary Law Journal
Southern California Law Review
Southern California Review of Law and Social Justice
Southern Cross University Law Review
Southern Illinois University Law Journal
Southern Law Journal
Southern Methodist University Law Review
Southern University Law Review
Southwestern University Law Review
Speculum Juris
Sports Law eJournal
Sri Lanka Journal of Forensic Medicine Science and Law
Sri Lanka Journal of International Law
St. John’s Journal of Legal Commentary
St. John’s Law Review
St. Louis University Public Law Review
St. Mary’s Law Journal
St. Thomas Law Review
Stanford Environmental Law Journal
Stanford Journal of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties
Stanford Journal of International Law
Stanford Journal of Law Business and Finance
Stanford Law Review
Stanford Law and Policy Review
Stanford Technology Law Review: an online high-technology law journal
State Crime
Statute Law Review
Stellenbosch Law Review
Stetson Law Review
Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism
Studies in Law Politics and Society
Studies in Public Law
Suffolk Journal of Trial and Appellate Advocacy
Suffolk Transnational Law Review
Suffolk University Law Review
Supreme Court Economic Review
Supreme Court Law Review
Sur: International Journal on Human Rights
Surveillance and Society
Sustainable Development Law and Policy
Syracuse Journal of International Law and Commerce
Syracuse Law Review
Syracuse Science and Technology Law Reporter
Tax Law Review
Tax Specialist
Taxation in Australia
Temple Environment Law and Technology Journal
Temple International and Comparative Law Journal
Temple Law Review
Temple Political and Civil Rights Law Review
Tennessee Law Review
Texas Hispanic Journal of Law and Policy
Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal
Texas International Law Journal
Texas Journal of Oil Gas and Energy Law
Texas Journal of Women and the Law
Texas Journal on Civil Liberties and Civil Rights
Texas Law Review
Texas Review of Entertainment and Sports Law
Texas Review of Law and Politics
Texas Tech Administrative Law Journal
Texas Tech Law Review
Texas Wesleyan Law Review
The American University Journal of Gender Social Policy and the Law
The Anti-Trafficking Review
The Arbitrator and Mediator
The Australasian Journal of Natural Resources Law and Policy
The Australian Feminist Law Journal
The British Journal of Criminology: an international review of crime and society
The Brooklyn Journal of Corporate Financial and Commercial Law
The Buffalo Public Interest Law Journal
The Cambridge Yearbook of European Legal Studies
The Chinese (Taiwan) Yearbook of International Law and Affairs
The Chinese Journal of Comparative Law
The Columbia Journal of European Law
The Connecticut Public Interest Law Journal
The Conveyancer and Property Lawyer
The Elder Law Journal
The Federal Lawyer
The Finnish Yearbook of International Law
The Florida Tax Review
The Georgetown Journal of Gender and the Law
The Green Bag: an entertaining journal of law
The Hague Journal on the Rule of Law
The International Journal of Children’s Rights
The International Journal of Comparative Labour Law and Industrial Relations
The International Journal of Human Rights
The International Journal of Punishment and Sentencing
The International Sports Law Journal
The Journal for the Public University
The Journal of Applied Law and Policy (JALAP)
The Journal of Arts Management Law and Society
The Journal of Criminal Law
The Journal of Human Resources
The Journal of International Maritime Law
The Journal of Law Economics and Policy
The Journal of Law Medicine and Ethics
The Journal of Law and Economics
The Journal of Law in Society
The Journal of Legal Medicine
The Journal of Legal Studies (Chicago)
The Journal of Legislative Studies
The Journal of Media Law
The Journal of Peace Prosperity and Freedom
The Journal of Science and Technology Law
The Journal of Southern Legal History
The Journal of Water Law
The Journal of World Intellectual Property
The Journals of Legal Scholarship: Issues in Legal Scholarship
The Judges` Forum Review
The Judicial Review: selected papers
The Law Quarterly Review
The Law Teacher
The Law and Development Review
The Law and Practice of International Courts and Tribunals: a practitioners’ journal
The Loyola University Chicago International Law Review
The Modern Law Review
The Natural Resources Journal
The Rabel Journal of Comparative and International Private Law (RabelsZ)
The Review of Litigation
The Richmond Journal of Law and Technology
The Rutgers Business Law Journal
The SAIS Review of International Affairs
The Scholar: St. Mary’s Law Review on Minority Issues
The Sports Lawyers Journal
The State and Local Tax Lawyer
The Supreme Court Review
The Sydney Law Review
The Tax Lawyer
The Theory and Practice of Legislation
The Trademark Reporter
The University of Baltimore Intellectual Property Law Journal
The Urban Lawyer: the national quarterly on state and local government law
The WIPO Journal: Analysis and Debate of Intellectual Property Issues
The World Arbitration and Mediation Review
The Yearbook of Polar Law
Theoretical Criminology: an international journal
Theoretical Inquiries in Law
Third World Legal Studies (Year)
Thomas Jefferson Law Review
Thomas M Cooley Journal of Practical and Clinical Law
Thomas M. Cooley Law Review
Thurgood Marshall Law Review
Tilburg Law Review
Tilburg Law Review: journal of international and comparative law
Tolley’s Trust Law International
Tort Law Review
Tort Trial and Insurance Practice Law Journal
Torts Law Journal
Tottel’s Journal of Immigration Asylum and Nationality Law
Touro Law Review
Trade Practices Law Journal
Transactions: The Tennessee Journal of Business Law
Transnational Dispute Management
Transnational Environmental Law
Transnational Law and Contemporary Problems
Transnational Legal Theory
Transportation Law Journal: industry leader in multi-modal law economics and policy
Trauma Violence and Abuse: a review journal
Trends and Issues in Crime and Criminal Justice
Tribal Law Journal
Trinity College Law Review
Trusts and Trustees
Tsinghua China Law Review
Tsinghua Law (Qinghua Faxue)
Tulane Environmental Law Journal
Tulane European and Civil Law Forum
Tulane Journal of International and Comparative Law
Tulane Journal of Technology and Intellectual Property
Tulane Law Review
Tulane Maritime Law Journal
Tulsa Law Review
UC Davis Journal of International Law and Policy
UC Davis Journal of Juvenile Law and Policy
UC Davis Law Review
UC Irvine Law Review
UCLA Entertainment Law Review
UCLA Journal of Environmental Law and Policy
UCLA Journal of International Law and Foreign Affairs
UCLA Journal of Law and Technology
UCLA Law Review
UCLA Pacific Basin Law Journal
UMKC Law Review
UNB Law Journal
Uluslararasi Hukuk ve Politika
Unbound: Harvard Journal of the Legal Left
UniSA Student Law Review
Uniform Commercial Code Law Journal
University College Dublin Law Review
University College London Journal of Law and Jurisprudence
University of Arkansas at Little Rock Law Review
University of Baltimore Journal of Environmental Law
University of Baltimore Law Review
University of Botswana Law Journal
University of British Columbia Law Review
University of Chicago Law Review
University of Chicago Legal Forum
University of Cincinnati Law Review
University of Colorado Law Review
University of Dayton Law Review
University of Detroit Mercy Law Review
University of Hawaii Law Review
University of Illinois Journal of Law Technology and Policy
University of Illinois Law Review
University of Kansas Law Review
University of La Verne Law Review
University of Louisville Law Review
University of Maryland Law Journal of Race Religion Gender and Class
University of Memphis Law Review
University of Miami Business Law Review
University of Miami Law Review
University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform
University of New South Wales Law Journal
University of North Carolina School of Law Banking Institute
University of Notre Dame Australia Law Review
University of Ottawa Law and Technology Journal
University of Pennsylvania Asian Law Review
University of Pennsylvania Journal of Business and Employment Law
University of Pennsylvania Journal of Constitutional Law
University of Pennsylvania Journal of International Law
University of Pennsylvania Law Review
University of Pittsburgh Law Review
University of Queensland Law Journal
University of Richmond Law Review
University of San Francisco Law Review
University of San Francisco Maritime Law Journal
University of St. Thomas Law Journal
University of Tasmania Law Review
University of Toledo Law Review
University of Toronto Faculty of Law Review
University of Toronto Law Journal
University of West Los Angeles Law Review
University of Western Australia Law Review
University of Western Sydney Law Review
University of the District of Columbia Law Review
Utah Law Review
Utrecht Journal of International and European Law
Utrecht Law Review
Valparaiso University Law Review
Vanderbilt Journal of Entertainment and Technology Law
Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law
Vanderbilt Law Review
Verfassung und Recht in ubersee
Vermont Journal of Environmental Law
Vermont Law Review
Victoria University Law and Justice Journal
Victoria University of Wellington Law Review
Vienna Journal on International Constitutional Law
Villanova Environmental Law Journal
Villanova Journal of Law and Investment Management (Online Edition)
Villanova Law Review
Villanova Sports and Entertainment Law Journal
Vindobona Journal of International Commercial Law and Arbitration
Virginia Environmental Law Journal
Virginia Journal of International Law
Virginia Journal of Law and Technology
Virginia Journal of Social Policy and the Law
Virginia Law Review
Virginia Law and Business Review
Virginia Sports and Entertainment Law Journal
Virginia Tax Review
Waikato Law Review
Wake Forest Law Review
War Crimes Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity
Washburn Law Journal
Washington Law Review
Washington University Global Studies Law Review
Washington University Journal of Law and Policy
Washington University Jurisprudence Review
Washington University Law Review
Washington and Lee Journal of Civil Rights and Social Justice
Washington and Lee Law Review
Water Law Review
Wayne Law Review
West Indian Law Journal
West Virginia Law Review
Western Australian Jurist
Western Legal History
Western New England Law Review
Western State University Law Review
Whittier Law Review
Widener Law Journal
Widener Law Review
Willamette Journal of International Law and Dispute Resolution
Willamette Law Review
William Mitchell Law Review
William and Mary Bill of Rights Journal
William and Mary Environmental Law and Policy Review
William and Mary Journal of Women and the Law
William and Mary Law Review
Windsor Review of Legal and Social Issues
Windsor Yearbook of Access to Justice
Wisconsin International Law Journal
Wisconsin Law Review
Women’s Rights Law Reporter
Women’s Studies International Forum
World Competition: Law and Economics Review
World Journal of VAT/GST Law
World Patent Information
World Tax Journal
World Trade Review
Wuling Xuekan
Wyoming Law Review
Yale Human Rights and Development Law Journal
Yale Journal of Health Policy Law and Ethics
Yale Journal of International Law
Yale Journal of Law and Feminism
Yale Journal of Law and the Humanities
Yale Journal on Regulation
Yale Law Journal
Yale Law and Policy Review
Yearbook of European Law
Yearbook of International Environmental Law
Yearbook of International Humanitarian Law
Yearbook of New Zealand Jurisprudence
Yearbook of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea
Yonsei Law Journal
Youth Justice: an international journal
Zeitschrift der Savigny-Stiftung fuer Rechtsgeschichte: Germanitische Abteilung
Zeitschrift fuer Auslaendisches Oeffentliches Recht und Voelkerrecht
Zeitschrift fuer Auslaendisches und Internationales Arbeits- und Sozialrecht
Zeitschrift fuer Europaeisches Privatrecht
Zeitschrift fuer Europarechtliche Studien
Zeitschrift fuer Japanisches Recht
Zeitschrift fuer Oeffentliches Recht
Zeitschrift fuer Rechtsvergleichung Internationales Privatrecht und Europarecht
Zeitschrift fuer Vergleichende Rechtswissenschaft: Archiv fuer Internationales Wirtschaftsrecht
Zeitschrift fuer die Gesamte Strafrechtswissenschaft
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