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Gambling in the casino remains the order of the day in the new year: the first trends for 2021 are emerging, especially for online pokies. This is not least due to the positive development of digital sales in the video games segment. Technological leaps are also enabling providers to keep bringing new, innovative pokies onto the market. The fact is that the gambling market is growing, and trendy online pokies are making a noticeable contribution.

Online Australian Pokies: More Players, More Income – More Spending

Big, bigger, biggest: Aussie online pokie machines in 2021 will have to cope with gigantic screen diagonals. Widescreen or even ultra-widescreen monitors are becoming increasingly common in households with an affinity for technology.

Owners of such displays want their financial investment to pay off visually. Slot developers will be going along this year and optimizing their pokie games for large-format screens as well. Pure upscaling of the shutter release or even the typical “pixel effect” caused by a simple enlargement is no longer up to date. In 2021, online pokies will be developed natively for high resolutions and widescreen formats.

Mini-Games in Online Pokies

The times when the best online pokies for real money Australia only wanted to score with visual effects are long gone. Innovative pokies also playfully challenge adventurers. In the end, what comes out is called “skill-based game,” a trend in online pokie machines that will probably prevail in 2020.

The times in which the best online pokie machines only wanted to score points with visual effects are long gone. Innovative pokies also challenge adventurers in a playful way. In the end, what comes out is called “skill-based game,” a trend in online pokie machines that will probably prevail in 2020.

This type of game focuses on the skill of the player, at least for a time. At the same time, the otherwise purely lucky factor is mitigated. “Skill-based” online pokies will increasingly use mini-games for this purpose in the future, which will be integrated into the basic game concept. It is conceivable that players will then play a mini-game instead of using an acquired free spin.

More Control over the Course of The Game

The simple system connects players more closely with the online pokie machine – giving them more control over the course of the game. In addition, mini-games are much more varied and interactive than a mere “bet-and-spin”. Classic pokies are thus likely to be gradually replaced or at least expanded with “skill-based” elements. This is possible without any problems as long as the developers find an idea that thematically fits the respective pokie.

However, the psychological component behind skill-based games will not only be used by the players themselves, but also by the providers: Making the player believe that he can increase his money winnings solely through his skills is an enormous motivator. In this way, players can be kept busy longer at the pokie machines and sales can be boosted.

Nevertheless, the following applies: If players practice hard, they can at least make a profit from the skill passages – the rest remains a matter of luck.

Gamification also Interesting for Online Pokies

“Gamification” is not only the magic word of the modern educational and working landscape, but also of online casinos. Game-based incentives are now available almost everywhere – even in online pokie machines. Behind the idea is an optimisation of the entertainment factor of “pokie machines”. The machines should feel much more like a real game; exciting actions should replace waiting times. Every task, no matter how small, should therefore feel essential for the course of the game and motivate people to continue playing.

One of the simplest “gambling measures” are the well-known ranking lists or the organisation of tournaments. The idea is to reward players more and more often for their efforts. In 2020, this will continue to increase for the best online pokie machines: There will be more leaderboards, more opportunities to compare your own performance with that of other players.

This should make the game longer and more entertaining for the player. With Gamification, serious pokie providers can counteract a phenomenon: The longer players play at a pokie machine, the more automated – and for the player more boring – the actions become. Gamification is intended to offer new incentives to arouse the interest of adventurers. Playing at online pokie machines must feel satisfying and entertaining at the same time.

Online Pokie Machines in 2021: Technology is Everything

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