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It is mandatory for you to have a White Card if you want to do construction work in Australia, and luckily it doesn’t take too long to get one at all. Completing a construction induction training course with a Registered Training Organisation in Victoria is all you need to do to secure your White Card, so let’s look at where you can do that.

You must complete this training course face to face because online White Card courses that are not from an approved Registered Training Organisation (RTO) are not accepted. So, you must register online to complete the necessary training and the RTO that you use will apply to WorkSafe Victoria, the statutory authority in Victoria for promoting and enforcing health and safety in the workplace, for you.

You will then be sent the details regarding your face-to-face course so that you can prepare in advance. You must attend this training if you want to receive your White Card Australia, so make sure that you turn up and have everything with you that you need, including your photographic ID. The course is lengthy because it must run for a minimum of six hours to be accepted as sufficient, approved training for a White Card. The location of your Construction Induction Training depends on the course you are enrolled on, but you will receive all the information that you need well in advance so that you can find the centre easily.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a slight change in rules to allow some White Card training courses to take place via connected online classrooms, but make sure that you only enrol onto an Express Online Training course that is approved by WorkSafe because there are plenty of scams offering cheap Construction Induction Training courses that will not result in a real White Card. Face to face training is the preferable option, but online training is also a possibility should you not be able to attend the course.

As for actually getting your White Card, it will be mailed to you by WorkSafe Victoria upon successful completion of the training course. It should arrive approximately two weeks after the end of the course and then you will be all set to begin construction work in Australia. The best place to look for further information on where to get your White Card in Victoria is the WorkSafe Victoria website.

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