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Whether you operate out of a home office where clients visit or a brick-and-mortar location, you want your professional work and meeting space to be presentable and balanced. Let’s evaluate how to choose a color theme, choose the best office sofa, and add an extra special touch that will improve your client’s meeting experience with you. 

Choose a Color Theme

Before you can shop for sofas for your Australian office, consider a color theme. Show your Australian national pride by having your office colors green and gold with a splash of a neutral color such as tan or white to support the overall theme. 

Other neutral colors such as gray, navy, cream, brown, olive, and black, while not found on the color wheel, can be combined with a complimentary primary or secondary color for an overall balanced presentation in your office theme. Once you have chosen at least three colors for your office, balance the number of items of each color. Do not put two items of the same color next to one another because it can cause an imbalance in your office’s presentation. 

Invest In a Neutral-Colored Sofa

Rather than have your visiting clients sit in an uncomfortable chair while conferencing with you in your office, have a comfy neutral-colored sofa in front of your desk. Opt for a two or three-seater, so clients have room to place their belongings down next to them or for two clients to sit together during conferencing. 

Gray, cream, or navy sofas are a few of the best neutral color options for an office sofa. If you are opting for the Australian national pride color theme, you can invest in a green sofa with gold-colored throw pillows to make the client(s) more comfortable while visiting your office. 

Add the Extra Special Touch With An Espresso Machine

Aussies love their daily cup of joe. Get an espresso machine for your office to whip up fresh flat white coffee beverages. Ask your visiting client if they want a latte or even a cappuccino during their conference with you. Have standard milk and plant-based milk for frothing just in case you have a vegan client. 

An espresso machine at your Aussie office makes your clients’ meeting experience with you that much extra special. As the client settles into the sofa in front of your desk, you can ask if they want a drink and prepare it before your conference. Have some water bottles on hand in case your client does not prefer coffee. 

Display Your Credentials

Take it a step further in enhancing the professional atmosphere of your Aussie office. Frame your college degrees and other certifications and place them on the wall behind your work desk. While the client is waiting for a drink from you or you are getting paperwork together to begin the conference with them, they can learn more about your certifications and schooling in your industry. 

Displaying your credentials on your office wall shows not only credibility but also pride in your profession. Hence, this is one way to generate repeat clients. 

Final Thoughts

Splash some green and color in your Australia-based office to show off your national pride today! Don’t forget the comfy sofa to enhance the client visit experience. 

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