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Top 10 Australian Universities

Which are the best universities in Australia? Countdown the top 10 Australian Universities with relevant input from Quacquarelli Symonds (QS), Times Higher Education Supplement, Shanghai Jiao Tong ARWU, US News, ERA research rankings, and AEN star rankings.

10: Queensland University of Technology

Queensland University of Technology is ranked at number 10. Date Established:1988 World Rankings QS:224 TIMES:201+ ARWU:201+ US NEWS:274= CWUR:241 AEN Stars: ERA Rank:9

9: University of Technology Sydney

University of Technology Sydney is ranked at number 9. Date Established:1988 World Rankings QS:140 TIMES:196 ARWU:301+ US NEWS:260= CWUR:562 AEN Stars: ERA Rank:14

8: University of Adelaide

University of Adelaide is ranked at number 8. Date Established:1874 World Rankings QS:106 TIMES:135 ARWU:101+ US NEWS:122 CWUR:229 World Average:116 AEN Stars: ERA Rank:8.

7: University of Western Australia

University of Western Australia is ranked at number 7. Date Established:1911 World Rankings QS:86 TIMES:134 ARWU:93 US NEWS:88= CWUR:145 World Average:100 AEN Stars: ERA Rank:7

=5: Monash University

Monash University is ranked at equal 5. Date Established:1958 World Rankings QS:58 TIMES:84 ARWU:91 US NEWS:68 CWUR:124 World Average:75 AEN Stars: ERA Rank:4

=5: University of New South Wales

University of New South Wales is ranked at equal 5. Date Established:1949 World Rankings QS:43 TIMES:96 ARWU:101+ US NEWS:69= CWUR:119 World Average:77 AEN Stars: ERA Rank:5

=2: Australian National University

Australian National University is ranked at equal 2. Date Established:1946 World Rankings QS:29 TIMES:49 ARWU:69 US NEWS:69= CWUR:82 World Average:54 AEN Stars: ERA Rank:6

=2: University of Queensland

University of Queensland is ranked at equal 2. Date Established:1909 World Rankings QS:47 TIMES:69 ARWU:55 US NEWS:45 CWUR:74 World Average:54 AEN Stars: ERA Rank:2

=2: University of Sydney

University of Sydney is ranked at equal 2. Date Established:1850 World Rankings QS:42 TIMES:59 ARWU:68 US NEWS:34= CWUR:71 World Average:50 AEN Stars: ERA Rank:3

1: University of Melbourne

University of Melbourne is the number 1 university in Australia and is generally regarded as Australia’s top university, being ranked at number 1. Date Established:1853 World Rankings QS:38 TIMES:32 ARWU:38 US NEWS:26 CWUR:57 World Average:33 AEN Stars: ERA Rank:1

Top 10 Universities World Rankings Table

Side By Side Comparison of Top 10 Universities World Rankings
unimelb 38 32 38 26 57
anu 29 49 69 69= 82
uq 47 69 55 45 74
sydney 42 59 68 34= 71
monash 58 84 91 68 124
unsw 43 96 101+ 69= 119
uwa 86 134 93 88= 145
adelaide 106 135 101+ 122 229
uts 140 196 301+ 260= 562
qut 224 201+ 201+ 274= 241

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CWUR is not included in world average due to credibility issues.

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