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Cognitive Sciences ERA Ranking Journals

The ERA research rankings are based on research published throughout the world in ERA accepted journals. The Cognitive Sciences research rankings involved an analysis of a range of journal publications to establish the performance level of each participating institution in this field.

List of Cognitive Sciences Research ERA Ranking Journals:

ACM Transactions on Applied Perception
ACM Transactions on Autonomous and Adaptive Systems
ACM Transactions on Computer – Human Interaction
ACM Transactions on Speech and Language Processing
ADHD: Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorders
AI Communications: the European journal on artificial intelligence
AI Magazine
AI and Society: the journal of human-centered systems and machine intelligence
Acta Neurobiologiae Experimentalis
Acta Psiquiatrica y Psicologica de America Latina
Acta Psychologica
Adaptive Behavior: animals animats software agents robots adaptive systems
Advanced Robotics
Advances in Cognitive Psychology
Advances in Experimental Social Psychology
Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems
African Journal of Information and Communication Technology
Aging Clinical and Experimental Research
Aging Neuropsychology and Cognition: A Journal on Normal and Dysfunctional Development
Alzheimer Disease and Associated Disorders
American Behavioral Scientist
American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry
American Journal of Psychiatric Rehabilitation
American Journal of Psychology
American Journal of Psychotherapy
American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology
American Psychologist
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and Other Motor Neuron Disorders
Annals of Dyslexia: an interdisciplinary journal of specific language disability
Annual Review of Neuroscience
Annual Review of Psychology
Applied Artificial Intelligence: an international journal
Applied Cognitive Psychology
Applied Developmental Science
Applied Neuropsychology: Adult
Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback
Approche Neuropsychologique des Apprentissages chez l’Enfant (ANAE)
Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology
Archives of Neurosciences
Archives of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
Archives of Women’s Mental Health
Argument and Computation
Argumentation: an international journal on reasoning
Arquivos de Neuro-Psiquiatria
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence Review: an international survey and tutorial journal
Artificial Intelligence and Law
Artificial Life
Asian Journal of Information Technology
Asian Journal of Social Psychology
Assiut University Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science
Association for Information Systems Transactions on Human Computer Interaction
Attachment and Human Development
Attention Perception and Psychophysics
Attention and Performance
Audio-Digest Psychiatry
Auslegung: A Journal of Philosophy
Australasian Journal of Disaster and Trauma Studies
Australasian Journal of Psychotherapy
Australasian Journal of Special Education
Australian Journal of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis
Australian Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis
Australian Journal of Intelligent Information Processing Systems
Australian Journal of Learning Difficulties
Australian Journal of Psychology
Australian Psychologist
Australian Review of Applied Linguistics
Autism: the international journal of research and practice
Automated Software Engineering
Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems
Autonomous Robots
Aviation Psychology and Applied Human Factors
BMC Neurology
BMC Neuroscience
Basic and Applied Social Psychology
Behavior Research Methods
Behavior and Philosophy
Behavioral Neuroscience
Behavioral Sciences
Behavioral and Brain Functions
Behavioral and Brain Sciences
Behaviour Research and Therapy
Behavioural Neurology: an international journal on the relationship between disordered human behavior and underlying biological mechanisms
Behavioural Processes
Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy
Belgian Journal of Linguistics
Between the Species: an online journal for the study of philosophy and animals
Bilingualism: Language and Cognition
BioPsychoSocial Medicine
Biological Cybernetics: communication and control in organisms and automata
Biological Psychology
Biological Theory
Borderline Personality Disorder and Emotion Dysregulation
Brain Aging: International Journal (BAIJ)
Brain Research
Brain Research Bulletin
Brain Research Reviews
Brain Sciences
Brain Structure and Function
Brain Topography: journal of functional neurophysiology
Brain and Behavior
Brain and Cognition
British Journal of Clinical Psychology
British Journal of Developmental Psychology
British Journal of Learning Disabilities
British Journal of Psychology
British Journal of Social Psychology
Bulletin de Psychologie
Bulletin of Informatics and Cybernetics
CC – AI: the journal for the integrated study of artificial intelligence cognitive science and applied epistemology
Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science
Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology
Canadian Journal of Linguistics
Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences
Cerebral Cortex
Ceskoslovenska Psychologie: psychological journal for theory and practice
Chicago Journal of Theoretical Computer Science
Child Development
Chinese Journal of Psychology
Chinese Philosophy
Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine
Clinical EEG and Neuroscience
Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics
Clinical Psychologist
Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy: an international journal of theory and practice
Clinical Psychology: science and practice
Cognition Technology and Work
Cognition and Emotion
Cognition and Instruction
Cognitive Affective and Behavioral Neuroscience
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
Cognitive Computation
Cognitive Development
Cognitive Linguistics: an interdisciplinary journal of cognitive science
Cognitive Neurodynamics
Cognitive Neuropsychology
Cognitive Neuroscience
Cognitive Processing: international quarterly of cognitive science
Cognitive Psychology
Cognitive Research: Principles and Implications
Cognitive Science
Cognitive Semiotics
Cognitive Systems Research
Cognitive Therapy and Research
Cognitive and Behavioral Practice
Communication Quarterly
Communication and Cognition
Communications in Information and Systems
Communicative Disorders Review
Complex Systems
Computational Cognitive Science
Computational Complexity
Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience
Computational Linguistics
Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds
Computer Languages Systems and Structures
Computer Music Journal
Computer Speech and Language
Computer Supported Cooperative Work: the journal of collaborative computing
Computer Vision and Image Understanding
Computers in Human Behavior
Conceptus: Zeitschrift fuer Philosophie
Connection Science: journal of neural computing artificial intelligence and cognitive research
Consciousness and Cognition
Contemporary Hypnosis and Integrative Therapy
Corpora: corpus-based language learning language processing and linguistics
Corpus Linguistics and Linguistic Theory
Creativity Research Journal
Critical Review (Columbus): an interdisciplinary journal of politics and society
Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy
Culture and Psychology
Current Directions in Psychological Science
Current Opinion in Neurobiology
Current Opinion in Neurology
Current Opinion in Psychiatry
Current Psychiatry Reviews
Current Psychology: developmental – learning – personality – social
Current Research in Social Psychology
CyberPsychology Behavior and Social Networking
Cybernetics and Systems
Dao: a journal of comparative philosophy
Das Argument: Zeitschrift fuer Philosophie und Sozialwissenschaften
Dementia and Geriatric Cognitive Disorders
Dementia: the international journal of social research and practice
Development and Psychopathology
Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience
Developmental Neurobiology
Developmental Neuropsychology
Developmental Neuroscience
Developmental Psychobiology
Developmental Psychology
Developmental Review
Developmental Science
Discourse Processes
Discourse and Communication
Dyslexia: an international journal of research and practice
E-Journal of Applied Psychology
Early Human Development
Ecological Psychology
Educational Philosophy and Theory
Educational Psychology: an international journal of experimental educational psychology
Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science
Emotion Review
Emotional and Behavioral Difficulties
English Linguistics
English World-Wide: a journal of varieties of English
Ethics and the Environment
Ethnicity and Health
European Archives of Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience: official organ of the German society for biological psychiatry
European Journal for Philosophy of Science
European Journal of Analytic Philosophy
European Journal of Neuroscience
European Journal of Social Psychology
European Psychologist
European Review of Social Psychology
Evolution and Human Behavior
Experimental Psychology
Expert Systems: the journal of knowledge engineering
Filosofia: international journal of philosophy
Filosoficky Casopis
Filosofie en Praktijk
Filosofija Sociologija
Filosofisk Tidskrift
Filosofiya Nauki
Florida Philosophical Review
Foundations and Trends in Human-Computer Interaction
Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience
Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience
Frontiers in Human Neuroscience
Frontiers in Integrative Neuroscience
Frontiers in Neuroinformatics
Frontiers in Neuroscience
Frontiers in Psychology
Future Neurology
Gnosis: a journal of philosophic interest
Group Processes and Intergroup Relations
Harvard Review of Psychiatry
Higher Order and Symbolic Computation
Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences
History of Psychology
Hong Kong Journal of Applied Linguistics
Horizons Philosophiques
Human Brain Mapping
Human Development
Human Factors and Ergonomics in Manufacturing
Human Factors: the journal of the human factors and ergonomics society
Human IT: Journal of information technology studies as a human science
Human Psychopharmacology
IEEE Annals of the History of Computing
IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing
IEEE Transactions on Image Processing
IET Computer Vision
INFOR: Information Systems and Operational Research
Imaging Science Journal
Incontri Linguistici
Infant Behavior and Development
Infant Mental Health Journal
Infant and Child Development
Information Knowledge Systems Management
Innovations in Teaching and Learning in Information and Computer Sciences
Integrative Psychological and Behavioral Science
Intelligent Automation and Soft Computing
Intelligent Data Analysis
Intelligent Service Robotics
Intelligent Systems in Accounting Finance and Management
Interacting with Computers
Interaction Studies: social behaviour and communication in biological and artificial systems
Interamerican Journal of Psychology
Intercultural Pragmatics
International Computer Games Association (ICGA) Journal
International Journal of Ad Hoc and Ubiquitous Computing
International Journal of Advanced Intelligence
International Journal of Agent-Oriented Software Engineering
International Journal of Applied Linguistics
International Journal of Autonomous and Adaptive Communications Systems
International Journal of Behavioral Development
International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism
International Journal of Bilingualism
International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis
International Journal of Cognitive Informatics and Natural Intelligence
International Journal of Cognitive Linguistics
International Journal of Cognitive Therapy
International Journal of Communication Networks and Distributed Systems
International Journal of Computational Intelligence
International Journal of Computers and Applications
International Journal of Computers and Their Applications
International Journal of Computing and Information Sciences
International Journal of Corpus Linguistics
International Journal of Cyber Behavior Psychology and Learning
International Journal of Developmental Neuroscience
International Journal of Developmental Science
International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks
International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry
International Journal of Human-Computer Studies
International Journal of Hybrid Intelligent Systems
International Journal of Intelligent Engineering Informatics
International Journal of Intelligent Systems
International Journal of Knowledge Management Studies
International Journal of Language and Communication Disorders
International Journal of Law and Information Technology
International Journal of Modelling and Simulation
International Journal of Multilingualism
International Journal of Neural Systems
International Journal of Neuroscience
International Journal of Parallel Emergent and Distributed Systems
International Journal of Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence
International Journal of Pervasive Computing and Communications
International Journal of Psychology
International Journal of Simulation and Process Modelling
International Journal of Social and Humanistic Computing
International Journal of Speech Language and the Law
International Journal of Speech Technology
International Journal of Speech-Language Pathology
International Journal of Sport Psychology
International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology
International Journal of Wireless and Mobile Computing
International Journal on Artificial Intelligence Tools
International Journal on Semantic Web and Information Systems
International Review of Information Ethics
International Review of Neurobiology
International Review of Pragmatics
International Review of Psychiatry
International Review of Social Sciences and Humanities
International Studies in the Philosophy of Science
Iride: filosofia e discussione pubblica
Irish Journal of Psychology
Italian Journal of Linguistics
JAMA Neurology
JAMA Psychiatry
Japanese Psychological Research
Journal of Abnormal Psychology
Journal of Adolescent Research
Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease
Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis
Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology
Journal of Applied Linguistics and Professional Practice
Journal of Applied Logic
Journal of Applied Non Classical Logics
Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities
Journal of Applied Research in Memory and Cognition
Journal of Applied Social Psychology
Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research
Journal of Automata Languages and Combinatorics
Journal of Automated Reasoning
Journal of Autonomic and Trusted Computing
Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry: A Journal of Experimental Psychopathology
Journal of Child Neurology
Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry
Journal of Child and Adolescent Behaviour
Journal of Chinese Linguistics
Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology
Journal of Clinical Neurophysiology
Journal of Clinical Practice in Speech-Language Pathology
Journal of Clinical Psychology
Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology
Journal of Cognition and Culture
Journal of Cognition and Development
Journal of Cognitive Education and Psychology
Journal of Cognitive Engineering and Decision Making
Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience
Journal of Cognitive Psychology
Journal of Cognitive Psychotherapy: an international quarterly
Journal of Cognitive Science
Journal of Communication Disorders
Journal of Comparative Psychology
Journal of Computer Assisted Learning
Journal of Conceptual Modeling
Journal of Consciousness Studies: controversies in science and the humanities
Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology
Journal of Decision Systems
Journal of East Asian Linguistics
Journal of Educational Psychology
Journal of English Linguistics
Journal of Evolutionary Psychology
Journal of Experimental Child Psychology
Journal of Experimental Pharmacology
Journal of Experimental Psychology: Animal Learning and Cognition
Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied
Journal of Experimental Psychology: General
Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance
Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning Memory and Cognition
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology
Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Artificial Intelligence
Journal of Eye Movement Research
Journal of General Psychology: experimental physiological and comparative psychology
Journal of Global Information Management
Journal of Happiness Studies
Journal of Health Psychology
Journal of Humanistic Psychology
Journal of Individual Differences
Journal of Individual Psychology
Journal of Information Communication and Ethics in Society
Journal of Information and Knowledge Management
Journal of Intelligent Systems
Journal of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems
Journal of Intelligent and Robotic Systems: theory and applications
Journal of Interactional Research in Communication Disorders
Journal of Interconnection Networks
Journal of Japanese Linguistics
Journal of Language Contact: evolution of languages contact and discourse
Journal of Language and Politics
Journal of Linguistic Anthropology
Journal of Logic Language and Information
Journal of Mathematical Psychology
Journal of Medical Speech-Language Pathology
Journal of Memory and Language
Journal of Mental Imagery
Journal of Military History (US)
Journal of Molecular Neuroscience
Journal of Motor Behavior
Journal of Multicultural Discourses
Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease
Journal of Neurolinguistics
Journal of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences
Journal of Neuroscience Methods
Journal of Nonverbal Behavior
Journal of Opioid Management: a medical journal of proper and adequate use
Journal of Organizational and End User Computing: the international journal of information user management
Journal of Pacific Rim Psychology
Journal of Pediatric Neurosciences
Journal of Personality
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology
Journal of Philosophical Logic
Journal of Philosophical Research
Journal of Portuguese Linguistics
Journal of Pragmatics
Journal of Psychiatry Psychology and Mental Health
Journal of Psychiatry and Neuroscience
Journal of Psycholinguistic Research
Journal of Psychology: interdisciplinary and applied
Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment
Journal of Psychophysiology
Journal of Psychotherapy Integration
Journal of Quantitative Linguistics
Journal of Research in Personality
Journal of Research in Reading
Journal of Semantics
Journal of Slavic Linguistics
Journal of Sleep Disorders: Treatment and Care
Journal of Social Psychology
Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology
Journal of Speech Language and Hearing Research
Journal of Systemics Cybernetics and Informatics
Journal of Systems and Information Technology
Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology
Journal of Thought
Journal of Translation Studies
Journal of Visual Languages and Computing
Journal of Visualization
Journal of Visualized Experiments
Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology
Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior
Journal of the Phonetic Society of Japan
Journal of the Southwest Philosophy Review
Journeys: The International Journal of Travel and Travel Writing
Judgment and Decision Making
Knowledge Engineering Review
Konvergencias: revista de filosofia y culturas en dialogo
Kriterion: revista de filosofia
L’Annee Psychologique
La Lampara de Diogenes: Revista de Filosofia
Laboratory Phonology
Language (Washington)
Language Acquisition: a journal of developmental linguistics
Language Awareness
Language Cognition and Neuroscience
Language Learning Journal
Language Learning and Development
Language Problems and Language Planning
Language Resources and Evaluation
Language Sciences
Language Teaching Research
Language and Cognition
Language and Communication
Language and Education
Language and Intercultural Communication
Language and Linguistics
Language and Linguistics Compass
Language and Speech
Languages in Contrast: international journal for contrastive linguistics
Law and Human Behavior
Learning and Behavior
Lingua et Linguistica
Linguistic Analysis
Linguistic Discovery
Linguistic Inquiry
Linguistica Uralica
Linguistics and Education
Linguistics and Philosophy: a journal of natural language syntax semantics logic pragmatics and processing
Linguistics and the Human Sciences
Linguistics of the Tibeto-Burman Area
Linguistics: an interdisciplinary journal of the language sciences
Linguistik Online
Linguistische Berichte
Lingvisticae Investigationes: international journal of French linguistics and general linguistics
Logic and Logical Philosophy
Logic and Philosophy of Science
Logique et Analyse
Logoi: revista de filosofia
Machine Graphics and Vision: international journal
Machine Learning
Machine Translation
Machine Vision and Applications: an international journal
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Magyar Filozofiai Szemle
Mathematical and Computer Modeling of Dynamical Systems
Memory and Cognition
Mental Health Practice
Mental Health Religion and Culture
Metaphor and Symbol
Metaphysica: Zeitschrift fuer Ontologie und Metaphysik
Minami Kyuushuu Daigaku Kenkyuu Houkoku. A Shizen Kagaku Hen
Mind Brain and Education
Mind and Language
Minnesota Symposia on Child Psychology Series
Modeles Linguistiques
Molecular Neurobiology
Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience
Monash University Linguistics Papers
Motivation and Emotion
Multiagent and Grid Systems
Multisensory Research
Music Perception
Natural Language Engineering
Natural Language Semantics: an international journal of semantics and its interfaces in grammar
Nature Neuroscience
Nature Reviews Neuroscience
Neural Computing and Applications
Neural Plasticity
Neural Processing Letters
Neuro-Psychoanalysis: an interdisciplinary journal for psychoanalysis and the neurosciences
Neurodegenerative Diseases
Neurologia Croatica: journal of clinical neurosciences
Neurology India
Neurology Neurophysiology and Neuroscience
Neurology Psychiatry and Brain Research
Neuropathology and Applied Neurobiology
Neuropsychobiology: international journal of experimental and clinical research in biological psychiatry pharmacopsychiatry biological psychology pharmacopsychology and pharmacoelectroencephalography
Neuropsychology Review
Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair
Neuroscience Bulletin
Neuroscience Imaging
Neuroscience Letters
Neuroscience Research
Neuroscience and Behavioral Physiology
Neurotoxicology and Teratology
New Generation Computing: computing paradigms and computational intelligence
New Ideas in Psychology
New Mathematics and Natural Computation
New Review of Information Networking
New Zealand Journal of Psychology
Nordic Journal of Linguistics
Nordic Psychology: theory research practice
North American Journal of Psychology
Parallel Computing
Parenting: Science and Practice
Parkinsonism and Related Disorders
Pathobiology: exploring the basis of disease
Pattern Recognition Letters
Pedralbes: revista d’historia moderna
Perceptual and Motor Skills
Personality and Individual Differences
Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin
Personality and Social Psychology Review
Perspectives on Psychological Science
Pervasive and Mobile Computing
Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences
Philosophia Christi: Series 2
Philosophia Mathematica: philosophy of mathematics its learning and its application
Philosophia Perennis
Philosophia Scientiae
Philosophical Inquiry: international quarterly
Philosophical Psychology
Philosophical Review (National Taiwan University)
Philosophisches Jahrbuch
Philosophy Psychiatry and Psychology
Philosophy in the Contemporary World
Polish Psychological Bulletin
Political Psychology
Practicing Anthropology
Pragmatics and Cognition
Pragmatics: quarterly publication of the International Pragmatics Association
Praxis Filosofica
Pro Philosophia Fuzetek
Probus: international journal of Latin and Romance linguistics
Progress in Neurobiology
Progress in Psychobiology and Physiological Psychology
Psicologia Conductual: revista internacional de psicologia clinica y de la salud
Psicologica: journal of methodology and experimental psychology
Psych Journal
Psychiatric Annals
Psychiatric Bulletin
Psychiatry Psychology and Law
Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging
Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences
Psychologia: an international journal of psychology in the Orient
Psychologica Belgica
Psychological Assessment
Psychological Bulletin
Psychological Inquiry: an international journal of peer commentary and review
Psychological Methods
Psychological Reports
Psychological Research: an international journal of perception attention memory and action
Psychological Review
Psychological Science
Psychological Science in the Public Interest
Psychologische Rundschau: Offizielles Orgen des Deutschen Gesellschaft fuer Psychologie zugleich Informationsorgan des Berufsverbandes Deutscher Psychologinnen und Psychologen
Psychology Learning and Teaching
Psychology Science Quarterly
Psychology and Aging
Psychology and Psychotherapy: theory research and practice
Psychology of Aesthetics Creativity and the Arts
Psychology of Consciousness: Theory Research and Practice
Psychology of Learning and Motivation: Advances in Research and Theory
Psychoneuro: Psychiatrie – Neurologie – Psychotherapie
Psychonomic Bulletin and Review
Psychopharmakotherapie: Arzneimitteltherapie psychischer und neurologischer Erkrankungen
Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology
Quest (Leiden): philosophical discussions
Reading Psychology
Research in Human Development
Research on Aging: an international bimonthly journal
Research on Language and Computation
Restorative Neurology and Neuroscience
Review of Cognitive Linguistics
Review of General Psychology
Review of Philosophy and Psychology
Reviews in the Neurosciences
Revista Brasileira de Linguistica Aplicada
Revista Internacional de Filosofia Politica
Revista Latinoamericana de Psicologia
Revista Mexicana de Psicologia
Revista de Filosofia
Revista de Linguistica y Lenguas Aplicadas
Revue Europeene de Psychologie Appliquee
Revue Internationale de Philosophie
Revue Neurologique
Revue Philosophique de Louvain
Revue Philosophique de la France et de l Etranger
Revue Roumaine de Linguistique
Revue de Linguistique Romane
Revue de Neuropsychologie
Revue de Semantique et Pragmatique
Rivista Internazionale di Filosofia del Diritto
Rivista di Filosofia
Rivista di Filosofia Neo-Scolastica
SPE Economics and Management
Sats: Nordic journal of philosophy
Scandinavian Journal of Psychology
Schizophrenia Research: Cognition
Schweizerische Zeitschrift fuer Psychologie
Second Language Research
Seeing and Perceiving: an international journal on computation perception attention and action
Semantics and Pragmatics
Seminars In Hearing
Seminars in Speech and Language
Simulation and Gaming: an international journal of theory design and research
Simulation: transactions of the Society for Modeling and Simulation International
Sistemi Intelligenti: rivista quadrimestrale di scienze cognitive e di intelligenza artificiale
Sleep and Hypnosis: an international journal of sleep dream and hypnosis
Small Group Research: an international journal of theory investigation and application
Social Behavior and Personality: an international journal
Social Cognition
Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience
Social Epistemology: a journal of knowledge culture and policy
Social Neuroscience
Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology: the international journal for research in social and genetic epidemiology and mental health services
Social Psychology
Social Psychology Quarterly
Social and Personality Psychology Compass
Sociolinguistic Studies
Sociolinguistica: Internationales Jahrbuch fuer europaeische Soziolinguistik
Soft Computing
Somatosensory and Motor Research
Speech Communication
Speech Language and Hearing
Sport and Exercise Psychology Review
Sprache und Literatur
Sprachtheorie und Germanistische Linguistik
Studi Italiani di Linguistica Teorica ed Applicata
Studia Kognitywne
Studia Linguistica: a journal of general linguistics
Studia Philosophica
Studia Psychologica: journal for basic research in psychological sciences
Studies in Logic Grammar and Rhetoric
Studies in Polish Linguistics
Studies in Slavic and General Linguistics
Symposium: Canadian Journal of Continental Philosophy
Synapse (New York)
Syntax and Semantics
Syntax: a journal of theoretical experimental and interdisciplinary research
Synthesis Philosophica
Textual Cultures: Texts Context Interpretation
The American Journal of Semiotics
The Cerebellum: an international journal from neurosciences to clinical perspectives
The Clinical Neuropsychologist
The Cognitive Behaviour Therapist
The Hippocampus
The International Journal of Aviation Psychology
The JALT CALL Journal
The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science
The Journal of Creative Behavior
The Journal of Genetic Psychology: Research and Theory on Human Development
The Journal of Mind and Behavior
The Journal of Problem Solving
The Linguistic Review
The Linguistics Journal
The Open Applied Linguistics Journal
The Open Behavioral Science Journal
The Open Sleep Journal
The Psychological Record: a quarterly journal in theoretical and experimental psychology
The Visual Computer
Theoretical Linguistics
Theory and Psychology
Theory of Computing
Thinking and Reasoning
Topics in Cognitive Science
Topics in Language Disorders
Transactions of the Association for Computational Linguistics
Translational Issues in Psychological Science
Trends in Neurosciences
TripleC: cognition communicatio co-operation
Twin Research and Human Genetics
Universitas Philosophica
Virtual Reality: research development and applications
Visual Cognition
Visual Impairment Research
Web Intelligence
Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Cognitive Science
Word and Speech
Writing Systems Research
Zeitschrift fuer Dialektologie und Linguistik
Zeitschrift fuer Germanistische Linguistik: Deutsche Sprache in Gegenwart und Geschichte
Zeitschrift fuer Kulturphilosophie
Zeitschrift fuer Literaturwissenschaft und Linguistik
Zeitschrift fuer Philosophische Forschung
Zeitschrift fuer Psychiatrie Psychologie und Psychotherapie
Zeitschrift fuer Psychologie
Zeitschrift fuer Sprachwissenschaft
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